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  • What are the current legitimate deductions and what do I need to prove that I qualified for the deduction?
  • If I am late on paying my taxes how do I handle the IRS so that I minimize the penalties?
  • I have had residency in multiple states for the past year, creating questions with regards to state filings and residency issues for different state regulations, who can answer these questions?
  • I want to get a fast refund and how can I be assured that the IRS and state tax boards have receive my filings?
  • Did I follow the directions correctly or have I created a “Flag” for an IRS audit

This list of questions can go on and on, but you’re probably getting the idea. You need expert help. Family Tax Services LLC provides one of the most comprehensive computerized tax preparation services in the industry.

Our tax preparation process is designed to ensure accuracy with every step. During your tax interview, your tax preparer uses the up to date tax software which contains built-in error-checking and diagnostics. Depending on how you choose to receive your refund, our software communicates with our funding banks for advance approval while you are still in our tax office. Your return is then electronically filed with the IRS and the appropriate state Department of Revenue, if applicable. We receive acknowledgments from these tax authorities, so that we can be assured of providing your refund in the time frame that you have chosen.This proven tax preparation flow and system of error-checking assures you of the fastest and most accurate processing possible.



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